Digital Buzz

Blogging is something completely new to me, after setting up my own blog I decided to take a look out there to see some examples of blogs and the one that got my attention was Digital Buzz. The blog is infused with all marketing related topics. The one that got my attention is called Infographic: The rise of the QR Codes. It all goes to a couple of years ago when I got a brand spanking new Nokia phone and after learning the insides of it, I happened to come across an interesting app called the Bar Code Scanner, I was thrilled to find out what it does so started scanning the items around me that had a bar code, and it did not seem to work (I wonder why…).

Last year I was flying west jet and for mobile check-in that’s exactly the code that I was using to get on my flight (A square box with black dots). And only recently I started noticing that any advertisements I see, in the corner of the ad there would be a square barcode called the QR Code aka Quick Response Code. So I decided to enlighten myself and find out the wide variety of its use. By scanning the QR Code with the right application, you can allow the phone to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the telephone’s browser. That would make it easier for the person to get any information without having to type, search and save, the application reading the code does it for you. Its a very handy tool if you are trying to promote your company, product, or whatever it might be.

From the statistics taken from the digital buzz I found out that 11 out of 50 Fortune Companies use the QR Codes in their marketing strategies, 64% of people scanning the QR codes are Women, primer purpose of using the QR Codes is product information followed by coupons. And the most astonishing number is the percentage increase between Q1 of 2010 and Q1 of 2011 is 4549%!!!

Therefore my conclusion would be that QR Codes is a great new tool for introducing clients to products and that we will see more of it being used; and based on the statistics provided, companies should target female used products and magazines and implement QR Codes.

You can find this great article here

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