Oh My God What Happened

With the rapidly changing technology the companies change the ways of communications to their consumers. The book by Innovative Thunder researches the new ways of advertising and promoting products in the new world, the Digital World. Marketing industry is experiencing a lot of changes, adjusting to the changing technology it must identify the consumer and target not the groups but to individuals; websites like Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular platforms used as marketing tools equally by large companies as well as small start-ups; by using personal information provided by its’ users, companies could personalize their advertisements to a particular user; based on the user interests and hobbies ads and coupons can appear only on the pages of potential customers.

Social media can build the brand as fast as it can destroy it. By sharing feedback users can spread good and bad reviews on the internet in seconds. By tuning in companies can resolve complaints and save reputation. The author says ‘listening’ to social media can save companies lots of money replacing focus groups and surveys. Companies can really cut down media budget using online resources like Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Big media budget is not what really sells the product. Ideas is what sells the product online.

Its a really interesting read I would recommend it to anyone interested in marketing.



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