Oh my god what happened/2

Ideas… Ideas… Ideas!!!

  1. When we talk about any kind of marketing, IDEA is the most important base for any media campaign. In the book ‘Oh My God What Happened?” emphasis is made on the importance of having a really great idea behind any campaign. For example, recently Burberry launched a project called The Art of Trench, its a website that allows users to see many people around the world wearing classic Burberry trench, its a great campaign, most people in the fashion industry know about it, it went viral because it was a great idea.
  2. To become viral a company needs to do its homework. Great slogan or a catchy name for the campaign would be a must. Also getting the information out there by creating press releases and twitter feeds, Virginblue 2 years ago for the 9th anniversary gave out 1000 one way tickets for $9, that sure was a success, people kept re-twiitiing the message and that really raised the profile for Virginblue.com.
  3. That brings us to viral campaign. Going viral online is so much faster and more effective, the reach is broad and the influence is high. However, the marketing campaign itself does not have to take place online. When Lululemon opened its first store on Robson street, they promised first 40 people who showed up naked will receive a free outfit from Lululemon. There was a line up outside of the store of naked customers waiting to get free clothes. That campaign went viral, and Lululemon got a reputation of controversial, open-minded, free-spirited company.

You can read this great book here http://www.ohmygodwhathappened.com/

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