Groupon: Will you ever pay full price again?

Groupon sites have appeared out of no where, I am subscribed to at leased half a dozen of them. However, is it really as good of a deal as it seems? Especially for the business owner.

Personally, I can tell Groupon sites have changed my perspective a little. After using the Groupon, will I go and pay regular price for the services at the same place I used Groupon. Why pay $200 for the service you got for $60?? Especially if they will have another deal running with similar services.

What I found out using Groupon is the business gets so busy, they have a hard time serving all of their new clients. Therefore providing a worse service. Some customers do not consider the fact they bought something for half price and have really high expectations.

Therefore when the business does not fulfill those high expectations, customers complaint and do it the worst way, ONLINE. An angry customer online is a dangerous thought for most businesses. That could really damage a start-up business’s reputation.

And the cost of running a Groupon deal is very high in my opinion. If I had my own business I would find other ways of promoting my business, but I would not use Groupon.




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