Power of Youtube

Youtube has helped launch many things. It is one of the most popular social platforms that makes sharing videos so easy.

Anyone knows what Tippex is? I did not know before this commercial. One year ago Tippex had launched a video “A hunter shoots a bear” through Youtube; the video has generated 48,694,664 vews. The idea is very funny. The hunter shouts that he does not want to shoot a bear and whites out shoots in the name of the video, then he asks viewers to type in anything, for example “A hunter hugs a bear” and the new video appears. All of mine “dances with”, “sings to”, “runs from” were there…Pretty incredible.

It is a great example of an interactive campaign that has a great idea behind it and creates a lot of buzz around it. This campaign requires user interaction and has game aspect to it.

The number of page views says it all!

Here you can watch this campaign


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