What is Mikhail Gorbachev doing in Vancouver?

Today Rogers Arena hosted a WeDay. “What is that?” you would ask me. To be honest I did not know anything about this event before today.

And the way I learned was through my Facebook account; my friends had asked me to “Like” a page called WeDay, for every “Like”, sponsors of this organization would donate $1. Social Media can promote any kinds of organizations, most of them would be for profit businesses. However, more and more non-profit companies turn to Social Media to raise money.

More about WeDay. WeDay is a a movement that inspires and encourages youth to take responsibility and help the world. It teaches children that they could make a difference. It works together with schools promoting volunteering, raising money for charities, and helping communities in Canada and around the Globe.

What happened today? Today WeDay brought together 18000 students from across BC and some very inspirational speakers like Mikhail Gorbachev (former leader of Soviet Russia, Nobel Peace Prize winner), Mia Farrow, Shaq and many others, to speak to children about the change they are able to make in the World.

I believe this organization is the future, you can find more about it at http://www.weday.com/about

Please support the WeDay by Liking its page on Facebook!     https://www.facebook.com/weday

See ya,



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