Geotoko and the Mobile World

Today I had a great pleasure of attending a talk by Adarsh Pallian at Kwantlen University.
Very inspirational to hear someone talk passionately about a company they build from the ground up. As well as the opportunity to ask questions and get real insight about the social industry.

It really peaked my interest because besides building a company you have to promote it and get your name out there, and that sometimes could be the most difficult part. My biggest question was on how to promote a company, and that sometimes it doesn’t have to cost a lot.
I realized that all the techniques we learn about in class will come so handy either in the work place or if we want to start our own company:
Blogging – I better start to learn how to write more interesting blogs.
Twitter- such a good tool to use for promoting and letting people know who you are.   Different social media and tech conferences are great networking opportunities.

I learned that you could hire interns to do blogging for your company as well as have a software that tracks and generates tweets. But essentially the original content has to be interesting and people will follow you.

Social media is still in the process of big development. We will see a lot of mobile apps development in the near future. According to Adarsh everything will go mobile.

I feel very inspired. Now I just need to come up with a very bright idea!

See ya,



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