How to land a Social Media gig?

A lot of people might find that Social Media is a fairly new industry that not a lot of companies have experienced to its full potential. Tapping into social media platforms might result a lot of success for companies as well might result in a lot of headache based on the time and commitment requirements.

Some companies started realizing that blogging, facebook updates, twitter account management and so on will take a lot of time from their regular marketing routines, and some started investing in Social Media Experts that only engage with community of followers and create a brand awareness online.

These positions are very limited and very rare to find, most of them would be contracts and not full-time careers.

However, the market for these jobs is changing and for young professionals is a great time to enter the market get experience and start looking for jobs that would involve a lot of Social Marketing skills.

I have been fortunate to attend a great speech given by Keith Quon that gave a great perspective of what to expect in this fairly new market place and how to get ready to land a great job.

First of all, building an online presence for your own brand and creating a portfolio of previous work is really important since the potential employer will be looking for what you have to offer. Building a brand that great, that means that anything that you do would be looked at, so do it in style. That means having an engaging content and building a network of followers and connecting with them would be essential.

Any clients that you would be building social media presence for, ask for referral. That way when the big day of the interview comes you will have people behind your work that could support your candidacy.

Another great idea that I took home was watch kids – they create trends, they really drive the direction of social media. Always looking for different ideas I never thought it would be so close to home since I myself have a 7-year old brother, now I would be watching him more closely;)

Before this class a thought of video resume brought to mind the one of Barney Stinson. Never thought building a video resume would help secure a job, after the presentation I Youtubed some resumes, and I got an idea what it really is. Some were pretty cheesy and some were very impressive.

The presentation was very interesting and I learned a great deal form it! Hope my short recap of what I have learned would be helpful to you.

Ok, I have to go and work on my writing skills now.

See ya,



One thought on “How to land a Social Media gig?

  1. Thanks for your quick re-cap of last night’s talk. I am also a believer in kids starting trends–I have 3 at home and probably should start looking at what apps they download, what games they play and how they use the computer and iPhone instead of banning them from it! Given what you heard yesterday and last week, could you apply that to your current job/company? Look forward to your video blog/video resume.

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