Holt Renfrew launches Muse

Fashion community is something that fascinates me. I follow Elin Kling, Garance Dore, Style.com and its bloggers. And what unites these blogs is the ability of fashion and photography to transform a moment making it timeless. Many fashion companies have blogs already. Blogging is becoming an essential platform of sharing day-to-day activities and news with […]

Geotoko and the Mobile World

Today I had a great pleasure of attending a talk by Adarsh Pallian at Kwantlen University. Very inspirational to hear someone talk passionately about a company they build from the ground up. As well as the opportunity to ask questions and get real insight about the social industry. It really peaked my interest because besides […]

What is Mikhail Gorbachev doing in Vancouver?

Today Rogers Arena hosted a WeDay. “What is that?” you would ask me. To be honest I did not know anything about this event before today. And the way I learned was through my Facebook account; my friends had asked me to “Like” a page called WeDay, for every “Like”, sponsors of this organization would […]

Oh my god what happened/2

Ideas… Ideas… Ideas!!! When we talk about any kind of marketing, IDEA is the most important base for any media campaign. In the book ‘Oh My God What Happened?” emphasis is made on the importance of having a really great idea behind any campaign. For example, recently Burberry launched a project called The Art of […]