MRKT 4160 E-Portfolio

Going into MRKT 4160 – Business Development, class that focuses on B2B selling and explaining key account management role and factors that pertain relationship building and managing 80% business through running 20% of the business.

For one of the projects in this class, we had to assess culture of a particular country as well as display their business etiquette in a negotiation setting between two cultures that are trying to complete a sale.

The current effect of globalization affects many businesses, international relations and having to manage clients from all over the world provides companies opportunities to expand their business. However cultural variances and understanding of business ethics and etiquette around the world are essential to understand before any international expansion should take place.

The global culture project has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of global influences and cross cultural business practices that will influence my business as well as social interaction in the future.

During this class I was able to work with 2 professionals in the field of Account Management. This allowed me to develop a better understanding of the business process and challenges account managers face today through the job analysis and personal interviews.

The following necessary skills were built upon through teamwork, projects, presentations and role-plays in class.

Critical Thinking Skills

    • Ability to analyze and represent the other culture’s values and etiquette.
    • Adapting to changes on the spot during the negotiation process in class.
    • Developing a role-play process plan prior to our meeting

Communication Skills

    • Conducting interviews and business negotiations in a professional manner.
    • Delivering information through team presentations.
    • Ability to show cultural etiquette differences through role-plays in class.

Teamwork Skills

    • Collaborating in a team environment to build the necessary research and presentation on cultural background and business etiquette.
    • Ability to work under pressure and manage time effectively.
    • Ability to resolve conflict in a team environment.

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