Geotoko and the Mobile World

Today I had a great pleasure of attending a talk by Adarsh Pallian at Kwantlen University.
Very inspirational to hear someone talk passionately about a company they build from the ground up. As well as the opportunity to ask questions and get real insight about the social industry.

It really peaked my interest because besides building a company you have to promote it and get your name out there, and that sometimes could be the most difficult part. My biggest question was on how to promote a company, and that sometimes it doesn’t have to cost a lot.
I realized that all the techniques we learn about in class will come so handy either in the work place or if we want to start our own company:
Blogging – I better start to learn how to write more interesting blogs.
Twitter- such a good tool to use for promoting and letting people know who you are.   Different social media and tech conferences are great networking opportunities.

I learned that you could hire interns to do blogging for your company as well as have a software that tracks and generates tweets. But essentially the original content has to be interesting and people will follow you.

Social media is still in the process of big development. We will see a lot of mobile apps development in the near future. According to Adarsh everything will go mobile.

I feel very inspired. Now I just need to come up with a very bright idea!

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What is Mikhail Gorbachev doing in Vancouver?

Today Rogers Arena hosted a WeDay. “What is that?” you would ask me. To be honest I did not know anything about this event before today.

And the way I learned was through my Facebook account; my friends had asked me to “Like” a page called WeDay, for every “Like”, sponsors of this organization would donate $1. Social Media can promote any kinds of organizations, most of them would be for profit businesses. However, more and more non-profit companies turn to Social Media to raise money.

More about WeDay. WeDay is a a movement that inspires and encourages youth to take responsibility and help the world. It teaches children that they could make a difference. It works together with schools promoting volunteering, raising money for charities, and helping communities in Canada and around the Globe.

What happened today? Today WeDay brought together 18000 students from across BC and some very inspirational speakers like Mikhail Gorbachev (former leader of Soviet Russia, Nobel Peace Prize winner), Mia Farrow, Shaq and many others, to speak to children about the change they are able to make in the World.

I believe this organization is the future, you can find more about it at

Please support the WeDay by Liking its page on Facebook!

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Power of Youtube

Youtube has helped launch many things. It is one of the most popular social platforms that makes sharing videos so easy.

Anyone knows what Tippex is? I did not know before this commercial. One year ago Tippex had launched a video “A hunter shoots a bear” through Youtube; the video has generated 48,694,664 vews. The idea is very funny. The hunter shouts that he does not want to shoot a bear and whites out shoots in the name of the video, then he asks viewers to type in anything, for example “A hunter hugs a bear” and the new video appears. All of mine “dances with”, “sings to”, “runs from” were there…Pretty incredible.

It is a great example of an interactive campaign that has a great idea behind it and creates a lot of buzz around it. This campaign requires user interaction and has game aspect to it.

The number of page views says it all!

Here you can watch this campaign

Groupon: Will you ever pay full price again?

Groupon sites have appeared out of no where, I am subscribed to at leased half a dozen of them. However, is it really as good of a deal as it seems? Especially for the business owner.

Personally, I can tell Groupon sites have changed my perspective a little. After using the Groupon, will I go and pay regular price for the services at the same place I used Groupon. Why pay $200 for the service you got for $60?? Especially if they will have another deal running with similar services.

What I found out using Groupon is the business gets so busy, they have a hard time serving all of their new clients. Therefore providing a worse service. Some customers do not consider the fact they bought something for half price and have really high expectations.

Therefore when the business does not fulfill those high expectations, customers complaint and do it the worst way, ONLINE. An angry customer online is a dangerous thought for most businesses. That could really damage a start-up business’s reputation.

And the cost of running a Groupon deal is very high in my opinion. If I had my own business I would find other ways of promoting my business, but I would not use Groupon.



Oh my god what happened/2

Ideas… Ideas… Ideas!!!

  1. When we talk about any kind of marketing, IDEA is the most important base for any media campaign. In the book ‘Oh My God What Happened?” emphasis is made on the importance of having a really great idea behind any campaign. For example, recently Burberry launched a project called The Art of Trench, its a website that allows users to see many people around the world wearing classic Burberry trench, its a great campaign, most people in the fashion industry know about it, it went viral because it was a great idea.
  2. To become viral a company needs to do its homework. Great slogan or a catchy name for the campaign would be a must. Also getting the information out there by creating press releases and twitter feeds, Virginblue 2 years ago for the 9th anniversary gave out 1000 one way tickets for $9, that sure was a success, people kept re-twiitiing the message and that really raised the profile for
  3. That brings us to viral campaign. Going viral online is so much faster and more effective, the reach is broad and the influence is high. However, the marketing campaign itself does not have to take place online. When Lululemon opened its first store on Robson street, they promised first 40 people who showed up naked will receive a free outfit from Lululemon. There was a line up outside of the store of naked customers waiting to get free clothes. That campaign went viral, and Lululemon got a reputation of controversial, open-minded, free-spirited company.

You can read this great book here

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What do YOU use?

Oh My God What Happened

With the rapidly changing technology the companies change the ways of communications to their consumers. The book by Innovative Thunder researches the new ways of advertising and promoting products in the new world, the Digital World. Marketing industry is experiencing a lot of changes, adjusting to the changing technology it must identify the consumer and target not the groups but to individuals; websites like Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular platforms used as marketing tools equally by large companies as well as small start-ups; by using personal information provided by its’ users, companies could personalize their advertisements to a particular user; based on the user interests and hobbies ads and coupons can appear only on the pages of potential customers.

Social media can build the brand as fast as it can destroy it. By sharing feedback users can spread good and bad reviews on the internet in seconds. By tuning in companies can resolve complaints and save reputation. The author says ‘listening’ to social media can save companies lots of money replacing focus groups and surveys. Companies can really cut down media budget using online resources like Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Big media budget is not what really sells the product. Ideas is what sells the product online.

Its a really interesting read I would recommend it to anyone interested in marketing.

Digital Buzz

Blogging is something completely new to me, after setting up my own blog I decided to take a look out there to see some examples of blogs and the one that got my attention was Digital Buzz. The blog is infused with all marketing related topics. The one that got my attention is called Infographic: The rise of the QR Codes. It all goes to a couple of years ago when I got a brand spanking new Nokia phone and after learning the insides of it, I happened to come across an interesting app called the Bar Code Scanner, I was thrilled to find out what it does so started scanning the items around me that had a bar code, and it did not seem to work (I wonder why…).

Last year I was flying west jet and for mobile check-in that’s exactly the code that I was using to get on my flight (A square box with black dots). And only recently I started noticing that any advertisements I see, in the corner of the ad there would be a square barcode called the QR Code aka Quick Response Code. So I decided to enlighten myself and find out the wide variety of its use. By scanning the QR Code with the right application, you can allow the phone to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the telephone’s browser. That would make it easier for the person to get any information without having to type, search and save, the application reading the code does it for you. Its a very handy tool if you are trying to promote your company, product, or whatever it might be.

From the statistics taken from the digital buzz I found out that 11 out of 50 Fortune Companies use the QR Codes in their marketing strategies, 64% of people scanning the QR codes are Women, primer purpose of using the QR Codes is product information followed by coupons. And the most astonishing number is the percentage increase between Q1 of 2010 and Q1 of 2011 is 4549%!!!

Therefore my conclusion would be that QR Codes is a great new tool for introducing clients to products and that we will see more of it being used; and based on the statistics provided, companies should target female used products and magazines and implement QR Codes.

You can find this great article here

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